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Aleksandar Simic


With various collaborations and commissions from such institutions as the United Nations, Vatican, US State Department, Russian Federation, NASA or Yad Vashem, Aleksandar Simic is widely hailed as one of the brightest and most intriguing in his generation of composers.

His opus encompasses hundreds of pieces in all genres, ranging from solo, chamber and vocal works, to grand scale pieces for the symphony orchestra or choir and orchestra. He has composed music for theater, film, television, and international sports com¬petitions whilst many of his pieces have been used to mark important jubilees across the globe. He is the Composer in Residence of the Makris Symphony Orchestra, with whom he as a fruitful association since its foundation. Before it in 2005, he founded a chamber ensemble, Aleksandar Simic & The Seraphim, delivering a unique and exciting combination of genres by creating a perfect blend of what we call contemporary classical sound and a plethora of intimate musical inputs, resulting from the composer’s inimitable personality and life experience.

Besides music, Mr. Simic is well-known for his public advocacy. Over the years, his reputation of a humanitarian and a social activist has been established through his persevering work with many different organizations, from the United Nations, through East West Bridge as the chapter of the Trilateral Commission, or NY based Pave the Way Foundation, to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, contributing in the fields of inter-religious dialogue, peace mediation, human rights and in numerous charity campaigns.

His thrilling musical journey around the world for the symphony orchestra Under One Roof, speaks volumes on how his missions in music and social activism are intertwined. Read more about Aleksandar Simic on his website at

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